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Recent controversies in intelligence research

Are we ruled by midwits?

America's war against Europe

Expert surveys on biological group differences

Where did wokeness come from?

Is the war in Ukraine about "autocracy against democracy"?

Conservatives' fundamental belief

Cancel culture at US universities

Measured IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa

Is Ukraine a "proxy war"?

The "right" amount of concern about racism

Serious negotiations haven't been tried (Pt. 5)

For Ukraine, Europe and Russia, the war is a lose-lose-lose (Pt. 3)

Europe has followed the wrong strategy in Ukraine (Pt. 1)

The midwit meme is wrong

Can you be "a" racist?

Scientists, not doing science

The economic future of the West

Is there "zero evidence" for hereditarianism?

Down with Class Science!

The ISIR Vienna affair

Is "systemic police racism" a conspiracy theory?

IQ and fertility

How useful are national IQs?

What if we take affirmative action to its logical conclusion?

Public opinion on the war in Ukraine

They're coming for behaviour genetics

Japan's Covid outcomes are still a mystery

Why do people overestimate the size of minority groups?

Are Dems the real racists?

Mass murder and censorship

If Putin's an imperialist, why does NATO matter?

On abortion, liberals don't understand conservatives

Why do fewer girls study physics?

Amazon deletes top-rated review of Angela Saini's 'Superior'

Arming Ukraine and sanctioning Russia

Does the West's Ukraine strategy make sense?

How are the woke like Nazis?

Should Europe stop buying Russian energy?

Why is the academic job market so bad?

Have we solved the problem of "missing heritability"?

Mentioning NATO does not make you a "Putin apologist"

Should we blame the West for the Ukraine crisis?

The "Resign for Diversity" campaign

The cancellation of John Sherman

What is "genetic determinism"?

"Stay Home, Save Lives" wasn't a good slogan

Fewer interviews, more debates

Who should get vaccinated?

Do they know what they're doing?

Are South Asians more susceptible to Covid?