From a moral perspective, individual and group differences are the same. I’ve tried to make this point through satire, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through. So here’s a more serious attempt. Yesterday on Twitter, the eminently polite and reasonable Bo Winegard engaged…
In a recent article titled ‘Don’t Use the W-word’, the writer Angel Eduardo counsels against using the term “woke”. While the article itself is decent …
To help you navigate the discourse
In his infamous 2021 article ‘On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians’, Vladimir Putin wrote that he “firmly believes” Russians and…
Centrist-liberal commentators are fond of telling us, often in a distinctly exasperated tone, that “immigration is good for the economy”.
Is there evidence of bias?
Explaining all the data, not just some of it
I’m not passionately in favour of the death penalty, but I’m not passionately against it either. Steve Sailer’s idea of reserving the death penalty for…
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